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March 2013 - Armando Trovajoli

Older News

Middle of the Road were fortunate to have had the privilege of working with Armando Trovajoli during the band’s early recording career in Rome. It was with a real sense of loss that we heard of his death and we wish to express our deepest sympathy to his widow, family and friends.

News Update January 2013

Just before Christmas Sally was invited by the “Wish upon a Star” charity to accompany a group of children on a trip to Lapland to see Santa Claus. This was her first serious journey outside of Scotland since her operation and she came through it with flying colours.

Sally astride the Arctic CircleIt was a one-day trip and required an early rise at 04.30 to catch a specially chartered flight to Rovaniemi Airport, Finland, where they were met by elves, pixies and woodland animals to escort them to Santa’s domain. The journey was as strenuous as any she has had to make when touring with the band and so it was a good test for her stamina. After a strenuous day on buses, sledges pulled by Huskies, she embarked on the three hour flight back to Prestwick in Scotland. She arrived there at some ungodly hour at night. She was thrilled by the trip and was relieved to find that, although she was pretty tired, her system had coped well with the experience.

Sally is a long time supporter of the “Wish upon a Star” charity and they were delighted that she was able to join them on this annual foray. All the children require medical supervision during the trip and Sally was kept under surveillance by the ever-helpful medical team accompanying them.

Santa and various gnomesHer only comment when she arrived back home was, “I do believe in Santa Claus!”.

A couple of weeks later, however, she tripped on her doorstep and broke her wrist. Happily this incident has proved more of a pest than a set back and she is coping relatively well, with the help of friends and neighbours. She has promised to watch her step in future.

For more information on the “Wish upon a Star” foundation and how to donate, go to

If Sally’s progress is maintained and she doesn’t trip over anything again, she is confident that she will be able to perform on stage again this summer.

News Update November 2012

Sally Carr 2012As everyone is aware, Sally suffered a near fatal condition requiring brain surgery some weeks ago. Today she is, miraculously, at the beginning of a long road back to full health. In spite of her speedy return home from hospital, she will need some 6 months to fully recover before we can all be sure that she can return to do what she loves most; meeting with and singing for her fans and friends who have shown so much love and support over the past 40 years.

I have known Sally for many years now and I am confident that she will return to the stage with even more enthusiasm than before. She is missing the fun of performing and even though she is still tired and a little weak after her ordeal, she insists on singing to her visitors and carers who are helping her on a day to day basis. Sally has a very strong will to get through all that the world throws at her and the last decade or so has certainly put that will to the test. All her engagements with the band have been cancelled for the rest of this year but she is determined to return to the circuit next January for a second and extended run of the previously successful "Damals Tour" in Germany. Realistically, of course, she will be guided by her medical team.

She does not intend to be lazy during the coming months and it is planned that new recordings and revised mixes of some previously recorded material will be released at the end of the year. 

Sally's special message to everyone out there is, "a very big thank you for all your support and keep chirpy."


News Update February 2009

We apologise for the long break in updating the news page. This was due to a short break in an arm commonly used to assist in operating the keyboard of the computer serving this website. Happily, normal service is being resumed and regular updates will be forthcoming during 2009. This year Middle of the Road has had considerable TV exposure throughout Europe appearing on major networks in 4 different countries in one form or another.

Time for a change

Stewart McEwan2008 started with a change to the personnel in the group. After 4 years as bass player Stewart McEwan left Middle of the Road to concentrate on performing with his own band in Scotland. He was an enthusiastic member and we were sad to lose him but the pressure of increasing work-loads in both groups forced him to make the break. We wish him well with his career and we will carry fond memories of his time with us.

Jacek Jan KomiagoStewart is replaced by Jacek Jan Komiago. The only member of the band not originating from Scotland, Jacek is a Polish resident in Germany.

Middle of the Road 2009He runs his own IT Business and has solid musical credentials, writing and recording his own style of music in his studio in Hanover. A colleague of "Shug" Devlin, also resident in Hanover, he has brought a fresh approach to the bass arrangements in the band and his vocal harmonies have enhanced the chorus work in Middle of the Road's live shows. His participation in all the band's 2008 live and TV performances has lived up to and exceeded expectations and we look forward to the 2009 season and beyond with Jacek.

Fickle Forum

You will be aware of another departure. That of the forum pages on the website. It was becoming impossible to block all the links to questionable web addresses. Until such times as we can eliminate these intrusions the forum will remain offline. The forum on the Fan Club site is still operating at

"Acceleration" Re-Mastered

Acceleration remasteredFor years now, we have been receiving emails requesting that BMG (now SonyBMG) release CDs of MOTR's original albums rather than the endless compilations of hits churned out since digital technology tempted us to update our scratchy vinyl for the luxury of studio quality sound. Well, we are pleased to announce that "Acceleration", Middle of the Road's second album, has been released in remastered 24 bit High Definition sound. Based in France, the retail arm of MAM Productions known as Magic Records has taken the plunge and licensed the album plus some bonus tracks, including Soley Soley, Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep, Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum, I can't tell the bottom from the top and Yellow River making it available for purchase on their website, which specialises in retro music. You will find a link to their site here and on the links page.

DVD Delayed... Again!

DVDFrom direct experience, it would seem that SonyBMG are more keen to encourage licensing of the MOTR Product rather than releasing it themselves. The much talked of Middle of the Road DVD was to be released by them in 2008 but after two years of promises, they decided not to take it on. In spite of this, the design and production of the DVD is now complete with the documentary subtitled in French, Spanish, German and Italian. The menus and music items have been authored and inserted providing 2 hours of MOTR entertainment. The laborious task of negotiating distribution, country by country, has begun and we will keep you up to date with developments.

Belgian Bonanza

RimpelrockDuring 2008, the band was favoured with TV appearances in Germany and Belgium, where the five appeared at a major music festival in Hasselt. The "Rimpelrock Festival" attracted a crowd of 50,000 (apparently a record for the event) on the Saturday when MOTR appeared with such luminaries as Paul Anka and the Three Degrees together with well established Belgian Artistes like Frans Bauer, Laura Lynn and Rocco Granata . RimpelrockDuring several TV and radio interviews at the show, the term "Rimpelrock" was translated for Sally's and Ken's benefit. "Wrinkle-Rock" gave the two pop veterans something to think about.True to say that a little more time was spent in make-up than in the past but the audience, full of wrinklies themselves, soon proved that you're only wrinkly on the surface. They burst into life with choruses of Chirpy, Tweedle Dee, Soley and Samson and Delilah et al.

Recently, Ken and sally were interviewed by David Barnes for his website To find out more follow the link to the site, available on the links page. There is a wealth of information on many other retrosellers as well.