I am utterly staggered to read this quote on the What’s On website re “Specsavers” Scottish Music Awards;

Stuart McCredie, son of original founding guitarist Ian McCredie, who also performs with the band, said: “We’re naturally thrilled to receive a Scottish Music Award this year, it means so much and everyone in the band is really looking forward to performing in Glasgow’s famous Barrowland Ballroom this weekend. My dad is currently unwell, so it’s my honour to be collecting this award on his behalf, and all of the brilliant musicians past and present, who have performed with Middle Of The Road.

Surely there should have been some reference to Sally Carr, at least, considering it was her unique voice which produced and continues to promote, the international success of Middle of the Road. Neither myself nor Sally were informed of this local award. If we had been contacted (this website is active and up-to-date) we would have been happy to attend the event and confirm the authenticity of the presentation.

I suppose the only comment I can make is “Should have gone to Specsavers.”

To be honest, this is the third time I have had to step in to protect Sally’s reputation in the Scottish Music scene. This award was presented to Ian some years ago as a “Lifetime Achievement Award”, The Exhibition “Rip it Up” In the National Museum featured Ian and his band. I had to step in and correct them and now this again. What has Sally done to deserve this treatment from her own country.