This Facebook page and the Band’s website was set up to celebrate the original Middle of the Road’s recordings in the 70s and maintain contact with the band for fans, old and new, as it toured Europe in the present. So I would like to thank all those fans for their support with their recent comments.

In the absence of any clarification from any party connected with the Scottish Music Awards announcement on the 1st November, we wish to clear up a few things and return to our original objective.

The Scottish Music Awards will most likely go down as one of the first organisations to present a trophy to what appears to be a tribute band, particularly if none of the original musicians who were responsible for the band’s international success appeared on stage to accept it.

Middle of the Road was certainly not “a platinum selling pop group”. Platinum Presentations were introduced in 1976, some years after the group’s recording success. However one can forgive young Stuart for not correcting that mistake as he was still in his nappies around that time.

There should be no reference to Sally Carr in connection with any tribute band. The reference could be interpreted to infer that she will front their future recordings. That will certainly not be the case.

And so finally; the real Middle of the Road, including Stuart’s dad, is still selling its original recordings internationally, with their original Europop sounds and harmonies, through Sony (RCA) and, more recently, digitally re-mastered tracks of rarely heard recordings with Rennaissance Records based in Pheonix, Arizona.